Business Networking

SEO is a huge part of business, and can be one of your most effective selling tools. The Net XP site was fully optimised by Sussex Pages for search.

With Net XP,  abrand of Sussex Pages, we host four different events across Sussex, each with at least 60 exhibitors. These are held in Uckfield, Bognor Regis, Ardingly and Brighton. As an exhibitor, you may bring along any flyers, banners or advertising materials that you may wish, as well as a lot of business cards.

As well as our business expos, we hold the Sussex Conference at the end of each year, which includes a business lunch and some fun networking games to play with business owners from across the county.

If you are new to business networking, you can learn a lot at our friendly events, which welcome companies of all sizes. Net XP events always have an imaginative way to get businesses talking and learning more about each other, so you are guaranteed to come away with some new contacts.

Contact us if you are looking for a new way to market your products or services, and would like to do so face to face rather than digitally or over the phone. Networking holds many opportunities, and is often considered to be one of the more enjoyable parts of running a professional business.