Business Partnerships, our team is made up of a freelance workforce which enables our business to staff up or staff down very quickly, we have access to an independent workforce of highly skilled and talented people which allows us to keep the costs down and the service levels up whilst we are contracted to clients for Creative, Digital and Social Media Management . Sussex Pages is now on the lookout for a few talented individuals to help the business grow. We're looking for highly skilled telesales, marketing and field sales agents who have the ability to not only sell, but close as well. Consultants must have a high level of customer service acumen, so if you're keen to get to know more about Sussex Pages and the freelance team, contact us directly for more information.

Sonny Cutting

Managing Director of Sussex Pages and Network Xpress. Media sales, digital marketing, new business development and recruitment.

Natasha Kingdon

Editorial Manager who's worked closely with a multitude of companies, doing everything from product descriptions to limericks for St Patrick’s Day.

Darren Moat

Technical Manager with a good skillset for programming languages, including HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, JQuery, Ajax to name but a few. Expert in Joomla and WordPress.


Sales Development
Copywriting & Editing
Digital Marketing
Technical Support