Global OHS is a company which delivers occupational health solutions in Sussex. Pippa believes in putting Employee Health and Wellbeing at the forefront of her business.

  • Client: Global OHS
  • Date: 07/12/2016
  • Info: Case Study with Pippa Crouch

We provide a health and wellbeing service to empower all parties to make positive choices. Resilience makes good business sense. We at GOHS believe in looking after the people behind the business. What good is a solid business plan when your staff are unable to undertake the tasks required of them? We are here to make sure that your workforce is in good health and able to work to their full potential.

Pippa's Case Study.

Businesses find themselves with the daunting task of keeping their staff healthy (and working!) but even with the most proactive wellbeing services, ill-health is an unavoidable curse of being human. With a background in the field of oncology within the NHS and across many different industries within both the public and private sectors, a BSc in Public Health and an MA in Medical Law and Ethics, Pippa is the founder and creator of Global Occupational Health Solutions – a company dedicated to providing quality evidence-based advice and services of occupational health to clients.

pippa crouchGlobal Occupational Health Solutions was created in 2014, becoming a limited company in July 2015 – a mere five months ago – after 10 years of Pippa being in the realm of occupational health. After flirting with both the employed and self-employed worlds for quite some time, - reluctant to commit fully to either - Pippa’s apprehensiveness about going solo was pushed to the back of her mind as she realised that she could create a company that fulfilled what she thought was important; having the time and space to concentrate on providing quality, robust evidence and services.

When I asked, ‘has there been a best client where you’ve delivered the best service?’, Pippa struggled as she explained that she tries to deliver the best service to every client she has - a message reflected by Global Occupational Health Solutions’ ethos; People, The Heart of Every Business. It’s this dedication to each business and their corresponding workplace, writing recommendations in conjunction with management and individual, which makes Global Occupational Health Solutions realistic and workable for all. Whilst I admired this response, I probed further for specific examples of companies. Pippa smiled as she gave in and started explaining how proud she was of her work she is currently undertaking with the British Red Cross as their Occupational Health Consultant, redesigning their occupational health service and wellbeing strategy to ensure they have effective service that supports their needs and demonstrates value for money. Pippa mentioned how great they were to work with as they are so open and willing to listen to ideas to drive forward change.

Sussex Pages Case Notes

The marketing firms she had approached had actually put her off with a hard sell and a complete and utter lack of understanding about Global Health Occupational Solutions and its’ niche, specialist market. Yet a simple request for some children’s clothes on Facebook led to Pippa’s connection with Sussex Pages and that led to the creation of, what Pippa gushes as, ‘the most amazing website’. Sussex Pages with Sonny Cutting was exactly the opposite of all the marketing firms Pippa had spoken with. In fact, Pippa emphasises one of the main reasons she wanted to work with Sonny was his lack of hard sell.

She loved that he didn’t pretend to know the area of occupational health but was honest and open about that fact. Going the extra mile by researching Pippa and her field prior to the meeting and demonstrating how unique an area it is, meant Pippa felt confident that Sonny would deliver. He reflected what Pippa wanted to capture with her clients; putting listening to the clients first. This emphasis by Sonny on understanding the essence of what quintessentially is Global Occupational Health Solutions led to the delivery of a website which surpassed all of Pippa’s expectations and resulted in a successful brand which Pippa is certain represents the ethos of Global Occupational Health Solutions; People: The Heart of Every Business.

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