Sussex Pages Brands

Sussex Pages, works in partnership with several local organisations across the Sussex region to help promote growth in the local marketplace, is uniquely placed to help build brands and also acts as an umbrella corporation for its own subsidiary brands whilst developing new contacts and contracts. Our corporate vision of the company is to reflect on the core ideology of the organisation, and to stay true to the principles of the business by nurturing our partnerships.

Evolving with the times, Sussex Pages has become an umbrella corporation for 2 completely different companies and brands; Network Xpress (Net XP) and Sussex Pages - both created by Sonny Cutting to help businesses grow.

We also think that by sharing expertise, useful skills, and tips in our blogs with latest business trends and insights, that we will be able to position ourselves as a thought leader in our business marketing sector, whilst giving our business profile and visibility a nice boost on social media. 

Sussex Pages Overview
Sussex Pages is a leading provider of Creative, Digital and Social Media Management Services. 

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Net XP Overview
Network Xpress is a successful business tradeshow and conferencing company.

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