The media giant that is Facebook has introduced its very own analytics package, named ‘Insights’ for businesses who wish to track visitor interaction on Facebook Pages. 

Engagement with potential customers is vital for businesses who want to get themselves known and Insights enables all admins of the page to track stats like Visits, Posts, Videos and People.

The free information provides you with crucially important information to cater and adapt your page to your target audience.

The only condition to access Insights is that your page must reach 30 likes before Facebook will allow you to see these trends and data, so invite all your friends, family and business contacts to give you a helping hand and hit that LIKE button so you can gain access to analytics.

Facebook Social MediaYour Fans with Facebook Insights

Along with the multitude of free tools which Insights offers you, it also allows you to download the data for your own use like Key Page metrics for engagement, such as sources and audience details from 1 day of data to a whole quarter of a year of data to analyse and develop your future business posts on.

The data given to us by Facebook in our digital marketing business here at Sussex Pages has been truly invaluable in helping us to understand what kind of posts/updates are the most successful in engaging with our target market, including the most views with free resources.

The KEY tools for Sussex Pages in the Insights Analytics are as follows:

1. The Overview facility is great but a top tip from us would be to change it from 7 days to 28 for a full monthly report.

2. PPC Promotions tool is awesome as it gives you reach, engagement and expenditure, great for working out what is the most cost-effective ways of reaching your audience.

3. Data from Posts is invaluable as it breaks down each article with targeting and clicks – no longer do you need to wonder what is attracting the most attention.

4. Know which People are by viewing as demographic and geographic data capture info.

5. Local is a new marketing tool which enables you to view Activity and Peak Hours so you can post at a time which is most likely to be successful in terms of reaching the largest audience.

Facebook Insights is nevertheless a fluid tool, with Facebook regularly updating it after feedback from developers and users of the Facebook brand. Remember, next time Facebook asks you to take a quick survey, do yourself a favour and complete it, as you never know, your comments might make all the difference. Surveys go towards the bigger picture to enhance, adapt and make Facebook better for you.

If you would like more information on Facebook Insights, ask for a free demo and support.