The many different hats of SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or Search Marketing is the process by which volume and quality of traffic to a web site can be improved to gain a higher rank on the search engine results pages (SERPs). It is now a critical part of any online marketing campaign, often determining the difference between success or failure for a brand.

A force to be reckoned with, SEO has been misunderstood over the past few years with companies promising instant results but failing monumentally with the challenges of giving a customer a much-needed boost online combined with well-developed internet marketing strategies.

Businesses are constantly re-evaluating their keywords and processes to get a higher rank and to gain a faster desired result on search engines. The more visitors the website naturally gets increases the importance on search engines like Google and Bing. Search engines determine their rankings through proprietary algorithms that have, for a long time, been a closely guarded secret. However, these algorithms are based on certain well-known principles. It seeks to apply these principles to improve search ranking.

Like many aspects of life, there are different degrees and shades of Search; there’s Black Hat SEO, White Hat SEO, Grey Hat SEO and even Blue Hat SEO. But what are these shades of SEO and how do they affect your business? The distinguishing factor of these different types relates to the specific techniques used when trying to improve the search engine ranking of a website or landing page.

Black SEO refers to attempts to improve rankings in ways that are not approved by search engines and involve deception. They go against current search engine guidelines. White SEO refers to use of good practice methods to achieve high search engine rankings. They comply with search engine guidelines. There are variations of these methods, shades of grey and purple which simply aligns with different techniques.

Blue Hat SEOBlue SEO is the beauty of them all; optimisation for individuals or businesses with an advanced knowledge of all SEO marketing and search engine techniques. Blue hat SEO incorporates a creative mindset and a comprehensive marketing process of doing things in the optimal way, within the guidelines of search engines. It requires a high level of commitment but the results speak for themselves.

In all eventuality, when deciding to focus on your website’s SEO you need to plan a long-term strategy and avoid any so-called ‘black or grey’ solutions, instead building credibility by increasing your search engine rankings over time with White and Blue SEO. Search engines are wiser now than they ever have been before, with complex algorithms from Google like Penguin, Panda, Pigeon and Hummingbird on the case. The SEO process is more streamlined with a forever changing and ultra-defining mandate to push for the 'best user experience' based on relevant topics, stunning articles, and high yield fluid content.

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